3 things Alabama’s DNA experts say your job-hunting student should know

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - Friday April 25 is DNA Day, and scientists around the world celebrated the breakthroughs since DNA’s “double helix” structure was first understood 61 years ago and a complete human DNA profile, or genome, was mapped in 2001.

At Huntsville’s HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology, the celebration centered on live video chats between the institute’s scientists, business executives and educators with students in classrooms around Alabama. Here’s what the experts wanted the students to know:

1. The field of biotechnology touches so much of your life already – food, medicine and disease just for starters – that you need a framework to understand it, to separate the scary spin from the harmless facts. Genetically modified crops? They’re out there, and you’ll want to know how to think about that issue. Not what to think about it – that’s up to you – but how to think about it. And that’s just one example.

2. There are more jobs in life sciences than just lab work, and not all require a PhD or even a science degree. Computer know-how, business experience, communications – all of these skills and more are needed now.

3. It’s HudsonAlpha’s job to help Alabama students – and Alabama residents – understand all this. Education is – along with business development and research – a key component of the institute’s mission. HudsonAlpha offers DNA information here and also here. Registration also opens in July for Vice President for Educational Outreach Neil Lamb’s popular Biotech 101 lectures for the general public.

Article source: http://blog.al.com/breaking/2014/04/3_things_alabamas_dna_experts.html