Alabama should know Friday if $10 billion Boeing plant is still a possibility

777X front look.JPGBoeing’s 777X (Contributed photo/Boeing) 

Alabama will know Friday if it’s still in the running for a
$10 billion Boeing production plant or if the company will decide to keep the
777X in Washington state.

That answer will come following a Jan. 3 vote among union
members in the state. That vote, according to machinists union officials, will
be the last time the contract offer will be presented to rank-and-file

“This vote will be the final vote on this proposed contract,”
Tom Buffenbarger, international president of the Machinists union, wrote in a
letter posted to IAM’s website.
membership deserves to have the final say.”

Previous contract rejections led Boeing to begin the search
for a new home for the 777X and Alabama is among 22 states that submitted proposals for the project. Buffenbarger shot down rumors Boeing’s search was a leverage move to
pressure union members.

“Some may believe this is a “fake” play by the company,” he
said. “Your union, based upon information that indicates otherwise, must take
the threat seriously. Given the legalities of the (search) process and the fact
that several states have tended serious offers and incentive packages to the
company, the timeline for the Puget Sound area is expiring.”

Buffenbarger has not said he supported passage of the
contract but said the company’s most recent offer included $1 billion in
improvements from the one union members rejected on a 2-to-1 vote in November.

“I believe this
represents a ‘significant’ improvement worthy of the membership’s
consideration,” he said.

The national union forced the vote among members despite
objections from local District 751 leaders. The local leaders maintain the contract is bad for current
and future machinists.

“Due to the massive takeaways, your District 751 leadership
is united with a recommendation that you reject this proposal. You need to look
at the facts of the economic destruction you would have to live under for the
next 11 years, without any opportunity to change any provisions of the contract,”
the local chapter wrote on their website.

The results of the vote will be announced Friday by District
751 President Tom Wroblewski. Polls will close 8 p.m. CST.

While Washington state officials await the results of Friday’s
vote, the other states vying for Boeing continue to work to land the aerospace
company. Here’s a look at some of what’s being done:


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