Huntsville Dunkin’ Donuts reports one of chain’s top five openings

— Corporate headquarters hasn’t made it official, but the Huntsville
Dunkin’ Donuts had one of the company’s best opening weeks when it started a
month ago.

Dunkin' Donuts building

The new Dunkin’ Donuts at North Memorial Parkway and Country Club Road had one of the restaurant chain’s best openings last month. (Paul Huggins/


five and maybe top three,” said Blake Robinson, owner.

store on University Drive sold 68,259 donuts and 45,837 munchkins in the first
week, he said.

one is Las Vegas, but a 24-hour donut shop in a 24-hour town, I don’t think
that counts,” Robinson said. “Surprisingly, Birmingham was number two.”

was a better first month than Robinson expected, and he said he’s encouraged not just
by sales of coffee and donuts but also merchandise, such as mugs and a T-shirt that
says “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Starbucks.”

attributed the fast start to two items: One, Huntsville had been without a
Dunkin’ Donuts for 10 years, so there was a pent up demand; and two, the Huntsville
area has a large base of residents and visitors from up North, where Massachusetts-based
chain has had a strong following.

A poll conducted by The Times shows Dunkin’ with a slight lead, 45 percent to 43 percent, over Krispy Kreme.

regular customers told Robinson they regularly went to Tennessee to get their
coffee or donut fix, including one Madison man who drove to Nashville every

with a northern background often give away where they are from just by the way
they place an order, Robinson added.

they tell me to melt the sugar in the ice coffee, I know they’re from up North,”
he said.

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