Impact of the Recent Tornados on Alabama Business

The devastation from the recent tornadoes that hit Alabama in April has tremendously impacted the area. These forces of nature caused many families to lose their homes, vehicles, and even loved ones.

Alabama businesses were also affected in a major way. Some businesses lost roofs, windows, merchandise, machinery, vehicles, and for an unfortunate few, everything. The majority of businesses affected by these tornadoes were small businesses and mom and pop stores. These stores which in years past have had to worry solely about competing with larger retailers now face the task of rebuilding their businesses in the midst of disaster as well.

So many businesses were damaged, or destroyed beyond repair, during these storms. Now these businesses have to find a much needed way to repair what is broken and to replace what cannot be fixed, all while continuing to maintain an income substantial enough to stay afloat. For some this has meant that they can remain open while repairing but for others they have been forced to remain closed until they can get their business back on its feet.

Some businesses must replace some or all of their merchandise, but many have to wait for their insurance agencies to assess damages and pay them in order to get what they need for a fresh start. This could cause these businesses to take even longer than expected before they are able to reopen.

Small businesses may also have to face the challenge of a stronger competition. They may lose customers to competitors that were not hit by the storms and have not had to shut down. Once they reopen they will also have to try to win these customers back.

These storms have caused an incredible amount of trouble for businesses, both small and large, in Alabama. Even the businesses that were not physically damaged have been affected. The businesses that either distribute or receive products from other businesses may be set back just as much as if they had been severely damaged from the storms. If the businesses that they use were damaged by the tornadoes, the businesses may not be able to get the products they need to run their business as well.

The businesses that need to ship their own products are not getting to send it to these companies that may be shut down, so they are losing sales, and are also stuck with their own merchandise. The effect of the tornadoes on businesses has been wide spread but all are working to get back to normal soon enough.