Star Market seeks to remain at Bailey Cove property, block eviction

Star Market on Bailey CoveStar Market on Bailey Cove Road. (The Huntsville Times/Dave Dieter) 

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — In a filing late Friday afternoon, Star Market is asking a Madison County court to block the landlord of its Bailey Cove store from terminating the lease and forcing it off the premises.

The filing contends that Star Market has a valid lease for the property at 9020 Bailey Cove Road. The lease was renewed in January and runs from 2013 to 2018, according to the complaint.

An attorney for property’s owners John W. Hays and James R. Hays notified the company on June 8 that the lease had not been renewed and was converted to a month-to-month lease, Star Market contends in the filing.

The filing also says Star Market was also told by the Hays’ attorney that it had been notified that the month-to-month lease was terminated as of May 31.

Star Market argues that at no point prior to June 8 was it notified there was a “conversion” to a month-to month-lease or that the lease had been terminated.

“Plaintiffs suspect that the defendants have received inquiries from at least one entity seeking to buy the property and accordingly are now attempting to manufacture a means of ending the ground lease,” the filing argues.

The plaintiffs want a Madison County Circuit Court to rule that their five-year lease is valid, to enjoin the defendant or their agents from interfering with Star Market’s access to the property and to block any attempts at eviction.

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