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Fortnite: Battle Royale – How To Complete All Weekly Challenges | Season 9 Guide

Season 9 is right here for Fortnite and we are gearing up for ten weeks of challenges. This challenges will are available types of Free Challenges to Battle Move Challenges. Likewise, season 9 also brings in new content material and areas to discover like the Slip Stream and Neo Tilted. If you’d like a full rundown of what’s new in Fortnite season 9 then we propose testing our guide right here. In any other case, check out the at present out there challenges under.

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Season 9 Reference Map:

Week 1

Free Challenges

#1 Stage Challenge

The newest addition to Fortnite in season 9 is Slip Streams. These are portals that may let your character fly round totally different places making for a fast journey from level A to point B. They can be used by both just your character or while in a car however all you have to do is go through one. For this problem, you’ll need to make use of the Slip Stream’s around two new places in the recreation, Neo Tilted and Mega Mall.

  • Stage #1: Journey The Slip Stream Around Neo Tilted
  • Stage #2 Journey The Slip Stream Round Mega Mall

#2 Go to All Sky Platforms

Scattered about in the map are Sky Platforms and there’s a total of seven of them that you want to visit. They are often robust to seek out randomly by yourself so we propose wanting at the map above which marks down every location.

#three Deal Injury To Opponents Inside 10 Seconds Of Using A Shadow Bomb

For this problem, gamers will need Shadow Bombs. Gamers need to make use of a Shadow Bomb and then deal injury to an opponents inside ten seconds of utilizing the bomb. Now you don’t need to rank up all the injury directly. As an alternative, the sport will register the quantity of injury you do once you use the bomb so simply maintain using them till you full the challenge. The full amount of injury that you must do is 200 and it doesn’t matter what weapon you employ.

Battle Cross Challenges

#1 Decide Up A Legendary Item In Totally different Matches

For the first Battle Cross challenge in season 9 players might want to decide up a complete of 5 legendary weapons in several matches. This means you have to decide up one legendary weapon for five totally different matches. Legendary weapons are present in quite a lot of areas. You will discover them in chests, Llamas, Provide Drops, and so on. Nevertheless, with a purpose to determine if a weapon is known it should have a gold shade to it.

#2 Search Chests At Lucky Landing Or Loot Lake

This is a simple challenge to complete. All players have to do is search a complete of seven chests inside Lucky Touchdown or Loot Lake. You possibly can go to either location and seek out chests however finally you want a complete of seven chests searched.

#three Scoped Weapon Eliminations

Prepare to take goal as this challenge will require gamers to take out three enemies with a scoped weapon. Fortunately when you’ve got a choice to a scoped weapon then you definitely’ll have the ability to use that specific weapon as the sport does not restrict players to specific scoped weapons. Furthermore, you don’t have to be at a selected distance with a purpose to get the elimination registered.

#4 Stage Problem

This can be a staged challenge which suggests you will have to complete a collection of duties so as to get the challenged accomplished. Finally for this challenge gamers will need to deal injury to enemies at particular heights. It doesn’t matter what weapon you employ however you’ll need to make use of buildings and its greatest to finish this problem at new places like Neo Tilted which has loads of buildings and certain new visitors exploring the world.

  • Stage #1: Deal 300 Injury From 2 Stories Above
  • Stage #2: Deal 200 Injury From four Stories Above
  • Stage #3: Deal 100 Injury From 6 Tales Above

Week 2

Free Challenges

#1 Stage Challenge

This stage problem is straightforward to handle and you can also make use of the reference map above to complete it. For this one that you must land at particular places.

  • Stage #1: Land At Snobby Shores
  • Stage #2: Land At Deadly Fields
  • Stage #3: Land At Sunny Steps
  • Stage #4: Land At Dusty Divot
  • Stage #5: Land At Pleased Hamlet

#2 Launch Off On Air Vents

Go to Lazy Lagoon or close to the Volcano and use the air vent. That you must pull this off 5 occasions however can only be completed once per match.

#three Get rid of Opponents Inside Sunny Steps Or Shifty Shafts

That is another simple problem to finish, on this one all it is advisable do is take out three opponents in both Sunny Steps or Shifty Shafts.

Battle Move Challenges

#1 Deal Injury With Pistols

Utilizing pistols, it is advisable to rack up five hundred injury towards opponents. We propose going to a extra populated space in the map to deal with this challenge. As an example, Sunny Steps and Shifty Shafts are typically pretty bare so it wouldn’t make sense to combine this problem with the free problem posted above. As an alternative, go together with locations like Snobby Shores or Tilted Towers.

#2 Visit Oversized Telephone, Massive Piano and Big Dancing Fish Trophy

These are landmarks you’ll be able to visit within the map. Actually, you could have stumbled upon them already since they are onerous to overlook. Nevertheless, in the gallery above we’ve got where yow will discover each of the gadgets.

#3 Search Chests In Totally different Named Places

This one may have you traversing the map to finish. Gamers want to seek out three chests in several named places. Merely decide the place you need to head in the reference map and get a chest from that area.

#4 Get rid of Opponents From Distance Away

This can be a staged problem which means you must complete three eliminations from a selected distance away from your opponent.

  • Stage #1: Remove An Opponent At 50m Away
  • Stage #2: Remove An Opponent At 75m Away
  • Stage #three: Remove An Opponent At 100m Away

Week three

Free Challenges

#1 Car Levels

This can be a staged challenge which primarily focuses on automobiles in some capacity.

  • Stage #1 Land A Trick On A Driftboard

Driftboards are featured in quite a lot of areas across the map but you’ll really find them within the snow area usually west of Polar Peak. From there you just to get on one and increase off an area and move the controls around to get a trick to register. Afterwards, you just want land safely to complete the stage challenge.

  • Stage #2 Get 3s Of Airtime In A Quadcrasher

In contrast to Driftboards, Quadcrasher’s are a bit more sporadic around the map so discovering a car to use gained’t be exhausting or require too much touring. With this stage, it’s worthwhile to get a minimum of three seconds of airtime. This may be carried out by just driving off a high ledge and utilizing a lift. We advise building a ramp up to reach a great peak to start out off.

  • Stage #3 Destroy Buildings With Automobiles

It doesn’t matter what car you employ however it is advisable to get into a car and ram via three buildings to destroy them. Merely journey around the map and look for abandoned buildings to destroy.

#2 Search Chests Inside Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak

That is a simple to complete challenge. Gamers need to look a total of seven chests within either Lonely Lodge or Polar Peak. Take a look at our reference map above to seek out the places however it’s greatest to land at both of these places to get the challenge completed shortly.

#3 Deal Injury To An Opponent Inside 10s After Using A Slipstream

Slipstreams have been a new addition to Fortnite with season 9. With Slipstreams gamers can shortly maneuver round a large space and it’s possible one thing you’ve used already these previous couple weeks. With this last free challenge players have to go through a Slipstream and then deal 200 injury to an opponent inside ten seconds of touchdown.

Battle Move Challenges

#1 Go to Location Stage Challenge

This can be a three half stage challenge through which players need to go to two places inside a single match. Once more, use the reference map if needed to see simply the place the places are inside the in-game world.

  • Stage #1: Glad Hamlet & Shifty Shafts
  • Stage #2: Sunny Steps & Dusty Divot
  • Stage #three: Haunted Hills & Salty Springs

#2 Throw The Flying Disc Toy And Catch It Before It Lands

First off for this problem you have to be at Tier 35 and use the Flying Disc emote. Use the emote and race in the direction of the disc to catch it earlier than it lands on the ground.

#3 Explosive Weapon Eliminations

To get this problem accomplished, you have to use an explosive weapon and deal remove a complete of three opponents.

#four Deal Injury With Totally different Weapons In A Single Match

Utilizing an assortment of weapons, use them as you deal injury to varied opponents. This one can be straightforward just so long as you refill on weapons all through the round.

Week four

Free Challenges

#1 Deal Injury With Sniper Rifles

For this challenge players have to rack up 500 injury towards gamers utilizing a sniper rifle. We advise going to Haunted Hills and Dusty Divot. Each places shall be used a bit more than usually because of the challenge putting gamers at the area inside the Battle Move.

#2 Staged Dance Problem

For this challenge it’s worthwhile to do a dance emote inside three totally different areas. We propose wanting on the map above to see just where each problem is situated.

  • Stage #1: Inside Tomato Head Holographic – Mega Mall
  • Stage #2: Inside Durrr Burger Head Holographic – Neo Tilted
  • Stage #3: On Prime Of Big Dumpling Head – Fortunate Landing

#three Legendary Weapon Eliminations

First off it’s worthwhile to find a legendary weapon. These might be came upon within the wild the place they’ll have a yellow indicator and from there you should take out three opponents.

Battle Move Challenges

#1 Destroy A Loot Service In Totally different Matches

In three matches it is advisable to take out a Loot Service. To discover these Loot Carriers it’s essential look in your map for the yellow markers indicating the drop zone. Since they are random you’ll have to only concentrate on your map and rush to the world when noticed. From there all that you must do is shoot the Loot Service down.

#2 Stage Land Problem

This problem is fairly straightforward as all you must do is land at totally different areas across the map. Take a look at the reference map to see the place every space is situated.

  • Stage #1: Polar Peak
  • Stage #2: Lazy Lagoon
  • Stage #3: Salty Springs
  • Stage #4: The Block
  • Stage #5: Lonely Lodge

#3 Remove Opponents At Haunted Hills Or Dusty Divot

With this challenge players have to get rid of three opponents inside either Haunted Hills or Dusty Divot. You don’t have any restrictions or limitations as to how your ought to take out the opponent. That is also an space that we talked about earlier to make use of in the direction of the sniper elimination benefit.

#four Go to Totally different Named Places

This is a simple problem to go through. Gamers might want to go to 5 totally different named places on the map in a single match. The first would be the area you drop at however from there it is best to chart our your path using the reference map situated above.

Week 5

Free Challenges

#1 Deal Injury To Opponents With Grenades, Dynamite, Or Stink Bombs

That is a simple problem to undergo as a result of all you must do is deal a total of 200 injury via using these explosive weapons.

#2 Search Chests At Salty Springs Or Frosty Flights

Head over to Salty Springs or Frosty Flights and open up a complete of seven chests. Every location has several to choose from so this is another straightforward to perform problem for the week.

#3 Remove An Opponent In Totally different Matches

Players have to an remove a minimum of one opponent in every match for a complete of five matches. After you successfully eradicated your fifth opponent you’ll unlock the problem.

Battle Move Challenges

#1 Complete A Lap – Stage Challenge

There are a total of three tracks you’ll want to hit up. Being a staged problem, you only need to fret about separately. In the course of the stage problem it’s essential to head to the monitor and undergo it for at the least one lap.

  • Stage #1: Desert Race Monitor
  • Stage #2: Snowy Race Monitor
  • Stage #3: Grassland Race Monitor

#2 Place Lure Item In Totally different Matches

You must place a lure item within 5 matches. It doesn’t matter where or what merchandise you employ so be happy to place down anything from a easy Injury Lure to a Mounted Turret.

#three Visit Totally different Wind Generators In A Single Match

There are not any shortages of Wind Turbines across the map. For those who’re not accustomed to these buildings, they’re giant towers with a fan head on the prime. You usually see them in the direction of the western aspect of the map but once more, they’re fairly frequent throughout the game map generally. You might want to go and stand near a total of five totally different Wind Generators in a single match.

#4 Eliminations At Sky Platforms

A lot line Wind Generators, there are a selection of various Sky Platforms scattered throughout the map. The simplest one to identify for my part can be by the Strain Plant. You’ll need to safe an excellent close ranged weapon and get to considered one of these platforms. This might be a bit robust to finish because there’s not an entire lot of room and locations to flee if issues get too heated. Nevertheless, with that stated it’s worthwhile to safe a complete of three eliminations whereas on a Sky Platform.

Week 6

Free Challenges

#1 Landing Levels

For this problem all you should do is land at particular places. Use the reference map above to get a take a look at where exactly each location is earlier than the bounce.
Stage 1: Lucky Landing
Stage 2: Loot Lake
Stage three: Shifty Shafts
Stage four: Frosty Flights
Stage 5: Haunted Hills

#2 Injury Opponents With SMGs

By way of using an SMG, it’s essential to deal a total of 500 injury to opponents using nothing however SMGs.

#3 Search Ammo Bins Levels

This can be a staged problem where it’s essential search do the next.

Stage #1: Search ammo packing containers at Scorching Spot
Stage #2: Search ammo packing containers at Scorching Spot
Stage #three: Get rid of an opponent at Scorching Spot.

It’s value noting that you might use the SMG as a weapon of selection while going for the third stage as a way to full the second challenge listed above.

Battle Cross Challenges

#1 Injury Car Being Pushed By An Opponent

This challenge is relatively straightforward as you’ve got a much bigger target to goal for. Gamers will need to deal 200 injury to a car being driven around the map by an opponent.

#2 Use A Storm Flip

First players will need to get a Storm Flip merchandise which can create a protected heaven inside the storm. Nevertheless, to complete this problem, you just have to throw certainly one of these things in three totally different matches.

#three Use Totally different Automobiles In A Match

This one is actually one other straightforward problem to finish. Players merely need to make use of two totally different automobiles in a match. For example, Frosty Flights tends to have quite a lot of automobiles at gamers disposal so we propose heading there.

#4 Get rid of Opponents In The Block or Deadly Fields

This one is one other simpler challenge to complete as it is advisable to get rid of a complete of three opponents in either The Block or Fatal Fields. Take into account that one of many challenges for this week deals with SMGs so we propose going that route when preventing towards opponents.

Week 7

Free Challenges

#1 Search Chests In Junk Junction or Neo Tilted

This is one a simple problem to start out off with. All it’s worthwhile to do is head in the direction of both Junk Junction or Neo Tilted and easily search a total of seven chests.

#2 Search Ammo Bins In Totally different Named Places

Using our reference map above, simply head to any named location near you and search a complete of seven ammo bins utilizing totally different areas to collect the ammo.

#three Suppressed Weapons Eliminations

Using any suppressed weapon you desire to, all players have to do is get a complete of three eliminations with the suppressed weapon. You don’t want to use the same weapon for all three eliminations, simply merely discover a suppressed gun and use it whereas going the match normally.

Battle Move Challenge

#1 Injury Opponents Whereas Driving Car

Gamers will need to use any car and deal a complete of 200 injury. Yow will discover automobiles everywhere in the map, though you’ll find Quadcrashers a bit easier scattered about.

#2 Staged Visits

In this staged problem, players might want to visit two places in the identical match. Each places will probably be named areas so for those who need a quick take a look at where every location is on the map then take a look at the reference image posted above.

  • Stage #1: The Block and Loot Lake
  • Stage #2: Deadly Fields and Neo Tilted
  • Stage #three: Snobby Shores and Mega Mall

#three Chest, Merchandising Machine & Campfire

This can be a prolonged challenge to do in a single match. Gamers will need to search any chest then begin a campfire. Lastly after you’ll have to hit a vending machine and use it. You’ll need to make observe that you’ve the assets obtainable to make use of the vending machine otherwise you’ll need to seek out the materials which may show to be dangerous. Should you accomplish all three tasks then this challenge can be accomplished.

#4 Remove From 5m

Lastly, this problem would require players to get an eliminations at 5m or less. You’ll have to rack up a complete of three of these eliminations so you might use this as a chance to also knock out the suppressed weapon elimination problem as nicely.

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